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Publications by Mark Sanders


¨      Contributing author, The Ultimate Christian Living, Health Communications, Inc., Deerfield Beach, FL, March 2010


¨      Recovery Management. William White, Ernest Kurtz, & Mark Sanders. Great Lakes ATTC, Chicago, IL, 2006


¨      Contributing author, Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul (New York Times best seller), Health Communications, Inc., Deerfield Beech, FL


¨      Contributing author, Alcohol Problems in the United States: 20 Years

       of Treatment Perspectives,Hawthorne Press, New York, New York, 2002

¨   Treating the African American Male Substance Abuser. Winds of Change Publishing Company, 1993


¨      Preventing Gang Violence in Your School. The Johnson Institute, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1995 

Professional Journal Articles

¨      15 Strategies for Engaging Difficult to Reach Clients with Substance Use Disorders, ICB News, Online Article, August, 2010


¨      What Did We Miss? Exploring These Often Undetected Areas Can Improve Treatment for Chronic Relapses (Online Exclusive), Addiction Professional, July, 2010


¨      Unfinished Business: Counseling Men Around Fatherhood and Recovery, Counselor, Vol. II (June, 2010)


¨      Recovery Management with Methamphetamine Addicts in Rural America, Counselor, February 2010, Vol. 11


¨      Fatherhood and Recovery, The Source, Vol. 19, #1, University of California at Berkeley, Spring 2009


¨      Influenced by the Evidence: Addiction Counselors Can Be Effective without a Wholesale Adoption of an Evidence-based Approach, Addiction Professional, July 2009, online exclusive article  

¨      Decrease Conflict in Groups, Addiction Professional, Vol. 7, #6, November-December 2009

¨      “Being Influenced by the Evidence: How Addictions Counselors Can Be Effective Without a Wholesale Adoption of an Evidence-based Practice,” Addiction Professional, online exclusive article, July 2009

¨      “Nurturer, Deserter, or Enemy: The Importance of Mother Daughter Relationships in Adolescent Girls with Substance Abuse Disorders,” Counselor,   December 2008

¨      “Daddy’s Little Girl: Fatherlessness and Substance Abuse in Adolescent Girls,” Counselor, Vol. 9, October 2008

¨      “Prevention Strategies for Young Male Violence,” Student Assistance Journal, Summer 2008

¨      “Can Adolescents Benefit from a Recovery Coach?” Counselor, June 2008

¨      “Recovery Management and People of Color,” Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, Vol. 26(3)2008

¨      “Counseling Difficult-to-reach Chemically Dependent Adolescent Males: A Strength-based Approach,” Counselor, Vol. 8, June 2007. 

                  Coauthor Shannon Mayeda, PhD., MSW, CRADC

     ¨  “Addiction in the African American Community: The Recovery Legacies of Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X,” William White, Mark Sanders, & Tanya   

                  Sanders, Counselor, Vol. 7, October 2006.


¨      “Recovery Management and People of Color: Redesigning Addiction Treatment for Historically Disempowered Communities.” Coauthor William White, 2004.


¨      “Building Bridges Instead of Walls: Effective Cross-cultural Counseling” Corrections Today, Vol. 65(1), February 2003.


¨      “Addiction and Recovery Among African Americans before 1900.” Coauthor William White. Counselor, Vol. 2, December 2002, 64-66


¨      “Blending Grief Therapy and Addiction Treatment” Counselor, December 2002.


¨      “Seven Steps to Developing a Comprehensive Dual Disorders Program” Professional Counselor, 1998.


¨      “Getting Out of Gangs” Professional Counselor, October 1997. 

Magazine Articles– appeared in Recovered

¨      “So You Don’t Think You Deserve a Loving Relationship? Could Unresolved Toxic Shame Be the Culprit?”


¨      “Love 101: The Basics of Improving Your Relationship Immediately!”


¨      “The 8 Characteristics of Highly Effective Relationships in Recovery”


¨      “So You Think You’re in Love with a Sex Addict? Well, There’s Hope!”


¨      “Relationship Detox”


¨      “Walking Out on Love: How You Leave Really Does Matter”

¨      "How to Have Healthy Relationships in Recovery"


¨      “How to Have Committed Relationships in Recovery” 


Published Workbooks


¨      Working with Men With Substance Use Disorders in Groups: Structured Exercises to Educate, Energize, Inspire, and Help Give Chemically Dependent Men Tools to Recover. An Illinois Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Publication, 2006.


¨      Addiction Counselor Certification Exam Study Course, Winds of Change, 2003


¨      Counseling Chemically Dependent African American Women, Winds of Change Publishing Company, 2001


¨      Relationship Detox: How to Have Healthy Relationships in Recovery, 2001

Video Tapes


¨      High Intensity Drugs, Copyright 2001, by AATP

¨      Counseling Youth of Color, Copyright 2001, by AATP

¨      Good Grief: Helping Chemically Dependent Clients Cope with Loss, 2004, by AATP

¨      Counseling Clients with Antisocial Personality Disorder, 2008, by AATP


 Published CD Series, Adolescent Services, Health Communications Services, Inc.


¨      "I Don't Have A Problem": Strategies for Engaging Difficult-to-Reach Clients, October 2010.


¨      15 Strategies for Building “Heart,” an Indomitable Spirit, and Resilience with At-risk Youth, April 2010


¨      Double Trouble: Working with Adolescents and Young Adults with Co-occurring Disorders, April 2010


¨      15 Strategies for Engaging Difficult-to-reach Adolescents and Young Adults in Counseling, April 2010


            ¨      Counseling the Resistant Adolescent Male


¨      Strength-based Counseling with Difficult-to-reach Adolescents 


¨      Abandonment: The #1 Cause of Self-destructive Behavior among Adolescents


¨      Father Hunger and Father Wounds: Intervention Strategies with Men Who Have Been Traumatized/Injured Due to the Absence or Toxic Presence of their Fathers


¨      Managing Anger and conflict in Therapy Groups


¨      Boys in Crisis: Intervention Strategies with Young Males Who Are at the Greatest Risk of Extreme Violence


¨      The Therapeutic Benefits of Humor: A Workshop for Professionals Who Work with Difficult-to-reach Adolescents


¨      Good Grief: Helping Adolescents Cope with Loss


¨      The Counselor’s Tool Box: Helping Adolescents Cope with Symptoms Caused by Exposure to Traumatic Events

¨      The Father Daughter Relationship


¨      Unfinished Business


¨      Let Them Eat Cake: The Impact of Poverty and Privilege on Adolescents and Implications for Counseling


     Published DVDs


¨      Adolescent Girls in Crisis, October 2010, Academy of Addictions Treatment Professionals


¨      Ethics in the Counseling Relationship, July 2009, AATP


¨      Adolescents’ High-intensity Drug Use, Vol. 2, July 2009, AATP