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3170 N. Sheridan Road, Suite 1207

Chicago, Illinois 60657

(773) 549-7914


Career Objective


            Empowerment of individuals and organizations to reach their potential through education, speaking, training, and consultation


Educational Background


            Master’s Degree in Social Work, Loyola University of Chicago

            Bachelor of Science, Social Work and Sociology, MacMurray College,    Jacksonville, IL


Business Owner – On The Mark Consulting


President of an international speaking, training, and consultation group

1990 - Present


Teaching Experience


            University of Chicago, Social Services Administration


            2012 - Present


            Governors State University, Addictions Studies Program

Faculty for the Masters Program

2007 – 2012


Illinois School of Professional Psychology

            Part-time instructor of Doctoral and Master’s level students

            1998 – 2005


            Illinois State University

            At Illinois State University, teaching specialized substance abuse trainings

for supervisors of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

            2001 - 2003


            Part-Time Faculty, Loyola University of Chicago School of Social Work

            Teaching part-time in the Graduate MSW Program (courses include substance       

            abuse counseling and group therapy) consistently rated, by students, a “5” on       

            a 5-point scale

            1992 - 1997


            Part-Time Faculty, Harold Washington College, Chicago

            Teaching substance abuse counseling courses in the Applied Science Department

            1987 - 2000


Director, COPE Training Institute

Director of the first African and Southeast Asian Addiction Counselor Training Program in the United States

1991 – 1993 

Consulting Experience 




            Consulted with the State of Colorado on the development and implementation of  its Workforce Development

            Plan for SAMHSA. Provided consultation on the Behavioral Health Services: Building Health, Wealth, and

            Wuality of Life for Sustained Recovery Treatment Improvement Protocol.

            Mercy Home for Boys and Girls

            March 2014 - Present

            Consultation to Mercy Home staff on working with adolescents with substance use disorders. Work with the intake

            department to determine the appropriate level of care. Consultation to administration on policy issues and how to work 

            with adolescents who relapse.

            Thresholds, Young Adults Program

            March 2013 - April 2014

            Provided individual counseling and group therapy for adolescents and young adults with co-occurring disorders. Created

            a specialized group therapy curriculum to guide treatment. Provided workshops and consultation to staff on how to 

            work with clients with co-occurring disorders.

            Cook County Hospital, Division of Internal Medicine and Primary Care

            1995 - Present



            Periodic training for medical school residents completing rotations in addictions medicine. Consultant for the

            SBIRT Program teaching health educators and peer mentiors to utilize motivational interviewing with

            hospital patients.


             Wisconsin Association on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse, Inc.

             2002 - Present




  • Provided training for hundreds of emerging counselors of color beginning their careers in the

               addictions field through the Minority Counselor Training Institute              

  • Developed and delivered one of the first recovery coaching curriculums in the city of Milwaukee.

               This curriculum wil be used to help prepare future recovery coaches wanting to be certified in the state.

  • Designed and delivered clinical supervision trainings for emerging clinical supervisors throughout the

              state of Wisconsin.


            Wisconsin Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse

            Winter 2011

            Programmable Audits and Consultations on Clinical Effectiveness


            Counseling Center of Lakeview, Chicago, Illinois

            2009 - 2012



            Consultation with staff who work with homeless adolescents with co-occurring disorders.


            Center for Excellence for Co-occurring Disorders, Chicago, Illinois

            January 2010 – Present



  • Conducted focus groups throughout the state of Illinois on the needs of programs that  
             provide medication-assisted recovery
  • Provided statewide training on best practices in medication-assisted recovery
  • Provided consultation to the ARCH Program, which specializes in working with homeless
             adults with co-occurring disorders
  • Team building retreats
  • Provided consultations and trainings on working with adolescents with co-occurring disorders


            Hamilton County Alcohol and Drug Service Board

            Spring 2009



Consulted on development of recovery management program for women in the

            criminal justice system


Developed recovery management program for woman in the criminal justice system


Developed protocol for medication assisted recovery


            Northern Trust Bank

            October 2008  - Present



            Consultant for the Employee Assistance Program


            Sheridan Correctional Center

            2007 – Present



            Periodic training for staff who work with chemically dependent inmates


            Genesee County Mental Health, Flint, Michigan  

            2007 – 2011


            Training for 150 mental health professionals preparing to become

            certified as addiction counselors; leader of clinical supervision groups

            for the purpose of helping clinical supervisors help counselors and

            case managers work effectively with chemically dependent clients


            The Night Ministry  

            2004 – Present

            Consultant - for a number of programs on addictions and mental health


            Great Lakes Addiction Technology Transfer Center

2001 - 2008

            Senior Consultant, Training and Technology Transfer




  • Developed and delivered trainings on evidence-based practices for Native American tribes in the state of Michigan
  • Developed and delivered trainings on clinical supervision for supervisors throughout the state of Michigan. This training was a part of the State of 

              Michigan’s Bureau of Mental Health Workforce Development strategic plan.

  • Developed and delivered clinical supervision training throughout the State of Illinois for the CSAT Adolescent Grant
  • Provided training throughout the Great Lakes Region on Recovery Management
  • Conducted trainings to develop Technology Transfer specialists from the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. This training involved

               preparing participants to facilitate systems changes in their states.

  • Consultant to mentors for the Leadership Institute

  • Selected as one of the top six addictions trainers in Illinois to prepare the next generation of addictions trainers
  • Lead consultant on a project to help the organization provide culturally competent services to addictions organizations throughout the Midwest
  • Developed a comprehensive workshop to help prepare addictions counselors to pass the certification exam.


            Illinois Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

2002 - 2008

Primary consultant on a project to define gender-responsive treatment for

chemically dependent male clients throughout the state of Illinois

Consultant for adolescent, compulsive gambling, and men’s programming


            Women’s Justice Services of Cook County Jail

            2001 – 2007

Consultation and training for corrections officers and counselors who work

with female inmates

Co-developer of a training manual and educational video geared

toward helping professionals work more effectively with

female inmates in the criminal justice system


            Training specialist – U.S. Journal Training

2003 – Present

Adolescent conference – only trainer in the nation invited back as a trainer for eleven consecutive years


            Lake County Health Department

            2003 – 2010


            Diversity training and consultation for the entire County of Lake


            Lake County Forest Preserves

2005 – 2010

Diversity training for the entire forest preserve staff


            Illinois Department of Corrections

2000 – Present

            Training of trainers to help empower the Department of Corrections

Training of trainers to help empower the Department of Corrections to internally meet its training needs.

Basic training for new corrections staff and advanced trainings for veteran staff on a range of topics


            Inner City Teaching Corp

1996 – 2008

Periodic team building retreats for recent college graduates who teach in

elementary schools in the inner city


            University of Illinois MATEC Program

2001 – Present

Team building retreats for staff; workshop presentations; training of trainers for facilitators of HIV case managers


            Provident Hospital


Providing consultation in areas of clinical supervision, program evaluation,

and trainings


            Lighthouse Institute - Research Assistant

            2002 – 2004

            Interviewing chemically dependent families for specialized research



            Youth Outreach, Chicago, IL

            1995 - 2007

Provided consultation and training in a number of youth related areas,

            including mentorship, gang prevention, rites-of-passages, substance abuse,

            violence, and Best Practices in Counseling Adolescents


            Chicago Emergency Shelter Organization

            1995 – 2000


            Periodic trainings for homeless service providers


            Professional Development Group, Minneapolis, MN

            1994 - 2001

Diversity trainer and management consultant for Major American Corporations

(Senior Consultant)


            Hazelden Foundation/Johnson Institute, Minneapolis, MN

            1993 - 2000

Trainer/Consultant: Substance abuse prevention, intervention, treatment,

violence prevention in schools and diversity, and chemical dependence training for all branches of the U.S. military



            1990 – Present

            Teaching the curriculum, which prepares Thresholds staff to take the Certified

            Addictions Counselor Exam. 90% of the students passed the exams. (This is over

            25% higher than the national average.)

Provided consultation for two of the largest residential dual disorders programs in the world.

Facilitation of team building workshops for various departments


            Read Psychiatric Hospital

            1997 – 2000

            Facilitated three phases of diversity training for the entire hospital staff. Provided

            consultation to upper management and the hospital council on issues of  



           Cermak Hospital


          1999 - 2001

            Three levels of stress management training and consultation for the entire hospital



            Harris Bank

            1994 - 2000

            Clinical EAP consultation, critical incident stress debriefing to help

departments experiencing crisis


            Habilitative Systems, Inc.

            1994 - 1999

            Trainings for staff on effective substance abuse treatment


            Lutheran Social Services

            1993 - 1999

Clinical consultant for a youth after-school program. Seminars for parents,

 teachers, and students


            Uhlich Children’s Home

            Fall - Winter 1992

            Consultant for a sex offender treatment program


            Archdiocese of Chicago, Drug Free School and Communities Program

            1991 - 1997

            Workshops for parents, students, and teachers


            Travelers and Immigrants Aid

            1991 - 1994

            Consultant for a research project involving homeless substance abusers, including

            case consultations on chronic relapsers and dually diagnosed cases


            Loyola University and Medical Center

            Summer - Fall 1991

            Manager, Employee Assistance Program (temporary assignment)


            City Colleges of Chicago

            1990 - 1992

            Providing consultation and training towards helping the City Colleges meet the

            requirements of  the Drug Free Workplace Act and Drug Free School Act


            Archdiocese of Chicago, Family Service Center

            January - March 1991 - Consultant for the Head Start programs



            Partners For Change

            1990 - 1994 - Independent contractor for Managed Care contracts


            Travelers and Immigrants Aid

            1990 - 2000 - Consultant for a Cambodian and Ethiopian substance

            abuse prevention program, including the training of Cambodian and Ethiopian

            prevention specialists


            Comprand Youth Service

            Spring - Summer 1990  - Consultant for the staff who treat adolescent substance



            Perspectives, Inc.

            January 1990 - January 1991 - Marketing consultant for the Employee Assistance



            Kaleidoscope, Inc.

            1989 - Present - In-service training for staff on various topics; clinical

            supervision of the substance abuse specialists


            Archdiocese of Chicago, Food Service Division

            Summer - Fall 1989 - Conducted training for management on substance abuse in    the workplace. Provided consultation to

            upper management on how to   select an Employee Assistance Program


            Council on International Program at Loyola University, Chicago

            1989 - 1991  - International group therapist


            Circuit Court of Cook County, Juvenile Court, Adult Probation and Pretrial Service

            1988 - Present - Training for probation officers on various topics


           United Charities of Chicago, Chicago, IL

            1988 - 1989

            Part-time consultant for the Employee Assistance Program


            Gateway Foundations, Chicago

            1988 - 1989 - Training on substance abuse-related topics for the staff at Kedzie     House


            Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Institute of Psychiatry, Chicago

            October 1987 - 1988 - Weekly consultation with the staff on dual diagnosis treatment issues


            Mount Sinai Hospital, Chicago

July 1985 - Consulted with the staff at Mount Sinai Hospital in the development of a gang prevention training program



            Chicago Department on Human Relations

            October 1985 - Completed a videotape, “Why Teenagers Join Street Gangs,” for   staff educational development




            2012 - Larry Ross Award by Sisters in Recovery for dedicated and distinguished work in Addictions Recovery


            2011 - Health Care Alternative Systems Leadership Award for work in the Addictions and Recovery field


            2003 - Received the Addictions Professional of the Year Award by

            IAODAPCA for outstanding work as a trainer and consultant in Illinois


            2002 – Received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the

            African American Advisory Council of the Illinois Department of

            Children and Family Services for providing substance abuse trainings


2000 – Received the Loyola University of Chicago, School of Social Work, Barbara Bacon Award for outstanding contributions to the field of social work as an alumni



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          Magazine Articles – appeared in Recovered

·          “So You Don’t Think You Deserve a Loving Relationship? Could Unresolved Toxic Shame Be the Culprit?”


·         “Love 101: The Basics of Improving Your Relationship Immediately!”


·         “The 8 Characteristics of Highly Effective Relationships in Recovery”

·      “So You Think You’re in Love with a Sex Addict? Well, There’s Hope!”


·         “Relationship Detox”


·         “Walking Out on Love: How You Leave Really Does Matter”


·          “How to Have Healthy Relationships in Recovery”

·          “How to Have Committed Relationships in Recovery”


Published Workbooks

  • Working with Men With Substance Use Disorders in Groups: Structured Exercises to Educate, Energize, Inspire, and Help Give Chemically        
                Dependent Men Tools to Recover. An Illinois Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Publication, 2006. 

  • Addiction Counselor Certification Exam Study Course, Winds of Change, 2003


  • Counseling Chemically Dependent African American Women, Winds of Change Publishing Company, 2001


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     Video Tapes


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      Published CD Series, Adolescent Services, Health Communications Services, Inc.


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     ·      Double Trouble: Working with Adolescents and Young Adults with Co-occurring Disorders, April 2010


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·         Counseling the Resistant Adolescent Male

·         Strength-based Counseling with Difficult-to-reach Adolescents

·         Abandonment: The #1 Cause of Self-destructive Behavior among Adolescents

·         Father Hunger and Father Wounds: Intervention Strategies with Men Who Have Been Traumatized/Injured Due to the Absence or Toxic Presence of their   



·         Managing Anger and conflict in Therapy Groups


·         Boys in Crisis: Intervention Strategies with Young Males Who Are at the Greatest Risk of Extreme Violence


·         The Therapeutic Benefits of Humor: A Workshop for Professionals Who Work with Difficult-to-reach Adolescents


·         Good Grief: Helping Adolescents Cope with Loss


·         The Counselor’s Tool Box: Helping Adolescents Cope with Symptoms Caused by Exposure to Traumatic Events

·         The Father Daughter Relationship


·         Unfinished Business


·         Let Them Eat Cake: The Impact of Poverty and Privilege on Adolescents and Implications for Counseling


Published DVDs

·      Ethics and Diversity, AATP, Springfield, IL, February 2011

      ·     Engaging Difficult to Reach Clients, AATP, Springfield, IL, February 2011

·         Adolescent Girls in Crisis, October 2010, Academy of Addictions Treatment Professionals


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Guest Editor


            Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, Volume 30, Number 3, July - September 2012. Edited a complete special edition,

            Patterns of Recovery from Substance Use Disorders in African American Communities.


Review Panel


  •  Journal of Groups in Addiction and Recovery


Work Experience


Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Institute of Psychiatry, Chicago

            1985 - 1990 (full-time beginning in 1988) - Supervisor; other duties: Dual   Diagnosis Specialist, Field Instructor



·         Developed one of the first integrated dual disorders programs in the nation


·         Developed a case management program which led to a research grant and additional funding for case managers


·         Helped establish the program as a training site for social work, psychology and art therapy students


·         Developed a model Group Therapy Program



United Charities

            1986 - 1989 (full-time until September 1988, then a part-time Consultant)

            Employee Assistance Counselor, Account Manager


1978 – 1986 – Worked in a variety of settings in the social services field,

            ranging from child welfare, mental health, chemical dependence, and youth          



References and Additional Work History Available Upon Request