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Mark Sanders is equally effective as a keynoter, workshops presenter and facilitator. Mark combines the latest research, spellbinding stories with practical strategies and tools participants can utilize immediately!
Areas of Expertise
  • Evidence Based Practices


  • Best Practices in Addictions Treatment


  • Best Practices in Mental Health Treatment


  • Co-occurring Disorders


  • Teambuilding, leadership and clinical supervision


  • Engaging difficult to reach adolescents



Comments from Workshop Participants, AATP



“Mark, evaluations just don’t get any better than this!! Fantastic!!”


Jan Gomien, President





“Mark is awesome—articulate, insightful, creative, and humorous. Good use of examples, personal experience stories. Mark is intelligent and a talented speaker. Very interesting and informative.”


“Mark Sanders’ speaking style keeps people interested and engaged. He is well versed in research relevant to his topic and always willing to answer questions.”


“Extremely effective. Wonderfully charismatic, information through narratives, created learning environment.”


“Presenter was inspirational/outstanding.”

“Terrific. A wonderful blend of theory and practical information/personal experience.”


“Mr. Sanders was an effective presenter. In the ten years that I have been attending seminars, I can honestly say that this was the best that I’ve ever  



“Mark is an excellent speaker. I would like to see more conferences and Mark as the presenter.”


“Mark was great!!! Very informative and knowledgeable. He provides different strategies that will be effective in my program.”


“Very informative, a terrific style of his own.”


“Warm, engaging, informative.”


“Outstanding ability to illustrate his ideas with stories, fact, and experiences.”


“Mark, thank you!  You gave me inspiration.”


“Powerful, informative, and entertaining, to a point where the day flowed smoothly.”


“Was introduced to presenter in school via some of his writings. Provoked thought and provided much working knowledge.”

“Excellent, full of personal examples that are relevant as well as humorous.”


“The speaker was incredible, really made some useful suggestions.”

“Speaker was both informative and interesting.”


“Mark Sanders is an excellent presenter. He was fully prepared and did a wonderful job in engaging the audience. I enjoyed hearing stories from his 



“Very well put together.”


“Very good.”


“Excellent! Very informative and thorough in info and demonstrations.”


“Mr. Sanders is the best speaker I have experienced. His examples were excellent and extremely helpful for our (my) work.”


“Kept your interest. Good use of stories to make points.”


“Excellent for topic and group.”


“Very resourceful and helpful.”


“Presentation was very effective.”


“Great, personable, knowledgeable. Brave and giving. Leader without brashness.”

“Mark was able to come across as informative, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable.”


“Mark’s presentation and style kept, not only myself, but all attendees interested in this topic as well as participating.”


“Powerful and engrossing speaker.”


“More useful techniques in working with these individuals.”


“Excellent! Great stories and examples. Very knowledgeable. Group demonstration was superb!”


“I enjoyed his style, but I would have liked more focus on particular examples of resistance and potential interventions.”


“The instructor was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and did an excellent job!”


“Excellent style and presentation.”


“He was very knowledgeable and interesting.”


“He was able to involve the whole group in the seminar.”


“The instructor presented the material in an effective style. He is a very good presenter and knowledgeable of material.”

“Engaging—made it personal and intimate learning experience.”


“Easy to stay interested and involved (no after-lunch sleepiness).”


“He was warm—interactive—concise.”


“The instructor was very informative and his style was engaging.”


“Excellent content and presentation style. Kept audience interactive and interested!”


“Very informative—interesting and fun way of presenting.”


“Plan to use much of what was presented. Group    exercises were great!”


“The instructor was thorough in his presentation and presented a warm and caring attitude toward the group attending.”


“The seminar gave a different way of looking at a resistant male client and gave a lot of food for thought.”


“Keep program going—hold audience interest.”


“Mark Sanders is effective, knowledgeable, and an extremely fine facilitator.”


“Very open. Projecting voice well; worked the audience well; good story telling.”


“Excellent style. Very engaging. Speaker kept my interest.”


“Superb as usual.”


“Mr. Sanders was very interesting in his presentation and very knowledgeable on the topic.”


“Very informative, upbeat, humorous, honesty.”


“Excellent trainer! Very knowledgeable! Really connected with us!”


“Gave personal stories to allow audience to relate to concepts. Gave examples through activities and fun to show effective techniques.”


“Very listenable, engaging, non-threatening.”


“I liked the fact that you elicited a lot of ideas from participants, but it would have been helpful to hear you comment on those ideas.”


“Concrete examples, sense of humor, group exercises.”


“It was very informative.”


“Excellent delivery of information. Held my attention.”


“Very effective interaction achieved in an auditorium setting—lots of good communication with audience.”